Love Energy.

The power of love is greater than the love of power.

Why? Love is powerful because it’s energy. It’s not just an emotional feeling inside, it’s actually something that creates joy, laughter and success in life.

How does Love Energy create this bliss? When love is projected towards other people, it fills them up with energy and allows them to think clearly with more intuitive ideas.  This can be done in a variety of ways, one of which is to simply compliment anothers idea or thought. When you do this to someone, it naturally makes them feel better about themselves, they will definitely feel better about you, and you will ultimately feel better about yourself.  That’s triple the joy.  From this synergy, a glow will happen: Answers, clues and rewards will reveal themselves on how to obtain goals you have always wanted to accomplish.  This happens in the most unique ways.  It may be an answer directly from the person whose mind you’ve just sharpened, or it may be a clue to life given to you from the heavens above in the form of a coincidence. This is Love Energy returning to you, the sender.  This means Love Energy will never run out as it is given, it returns simultaneously as it’s projected and grows to become infinite in quantity, giving you an added edge in life.  This is the joy in life that will increase your laughter in various types of moments: Large and small, loud and silent, public and private.

So now that Love Energy has found a way to uncover answers to obtain goals, you are now more prepared to follow in the steps of opportunity laid out for you to succeed your desired result, in any element of life: Spirituality, Health, Knowledge, Character, Wealth, and Relationships.  Once Love Energy exists – Goals get accomplished!

Therefore, the juxtaposition between the power of love vs. the love of power, the latter is weaker because when someone loves power it means to have control over another person in order to obtain energy.  This method takes away another persons energy, making them feel down, confused or left out while the power taker feels good about only them self.  Once the power taker receives this energy, their high is very short-lived because no one in their right mind will continue to allow another person to take away their energy if they can prevent it.  This way of getting energy is received in a deceitful manner and it doesn’t fill anybody up, it only depletes people down, including the power taker.  The inevitable low after the power takers high comes quickly, leaving this person depressed and pathetically hungry for more power.  Projecting Love Energy is smarter because it lasts longer; it feels better emotionally and psychologically for you and the receiver; and is the most hedonistic and utilitarianistic action toward achieving the greatest total amount of happiness while you’re on pursuit to live your best life possible, while helping others.

On the other hand; It is important for us not to be naive and believe that those that practice Love Energy are immune to pain. They’re not. But when they separate from their pain using love, understanding and forgiveness, the healing comes faster, the lessons more vivid, and the wisdom much more grand.  This tells us that Love Energy at it’s weakest – for instance when a person projecting Love Energy is in pain and feels down and out – is still stronger in that state than a power taker at it’s strongest.  This is because when someone is highly powered up by taking energy, they still have to fight their conscience in the back of their mind for they know they have significantly hurt another person to succeed their temporary high.  Not only that, once they come down off their high, their pain and struggle to heal is far more difficult than any person in pain that practices Love Energy, for the power taker has to deal with guilt with-in, as they have corroded and tarnished their own soul exponentially in the process.

This is why Love Energy is exciting and ever so powerful in the world.  It brings euphoria to it’s highest and strongest level causing perpetual joy in the entire gambit of life.  The impact of Love Energy positively spreads to multitudes of generations beyond your reach in the world, and remains everlasting long after the sender has departed.

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