John Robinson Jr. ProfileWelcome to the site, thank you for visiting.  What made us decide to launch Joy & Love Inc., a Personal Development Tech Company, is really so we can extend the Joy & Love message to the world.  When you live with faith, confidence and gratitude on the inside, and project empowerment, compassion and a guiding hand on the outside, something special happens: Answers, clues and rewards show up in your life on how you are to achieve your desired end result, and the magic doesn’t stop there, your energy becomes contagious with the people around you.  

The Joy & Love Book kick-started the movement for the company.  It has now grown into the Joy & Love App, a mobile application that allows you to keep track of a digital gratitude journal, map a vision board, set smart goals that provides analytics, and so much more.  Our philosophy transitioned into the Joy & Love Charity, a liaison organization that works with Sick Kids and other progressive charities that are currently making a difference in the world.  It only seemed right for us to create a platform for Masterminds to come together and collaborate on specific goals and targets at the Joy & Love Academy.  This only inspires forward thought leaders from around the world to fly to Panama and find or refine their purpose in life at the Joy & Love Retreat.

Our mission is for you to be epic while empowering others.  To make this happen, we put together a formula for success that you can apply to every element in your life to achieve extraordinary results.  All 5 services: The App, Book, Charity, Academy and Retreat are designed so you can pick up momentum in life to achieve wild success, as well as to make the world a more joyous, peaceful place.  So go ahead and download the free App, get the Book, attend one of our Charity or Academy Events, or jump on a plane to Panama and join us in paradise on the white sand beach at the Joy & Love Retreat.  With so much going on in the world, the time truly is now to become a part of the Joy & Love generation!  

Be Epic,

John Robinson Jr., Founder & President

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