“John Robinson Jr. did a wonderful job! You will learn how to live life differently…by inhaling joy and exhaling love and so, so much more!”Cerise Fairfax

Cerise Fairfax on the Joy & Love Academy

“As each word was spoken my heart was filled with Joy & Love. Many thanks and praises to John Robinson Jr. for this unbelievably transforming experience.”Lea Frenza

Lea Frenza on the Joy & Love Academy

“First chapter made me cry.”Robyn Baldwin

Robyn Baldwin on the Joy & Love Book

“Joy & Love is an excellent book powered by knowledge and insights by the Author. John dispels timeless wisdom taken from personal experiences and intelligently combines them with thoughts from great world leaders. He offers a path to bring greater love, joy and positive experiences into your life.”Chad Tennant

Chad Tennant on the Joy & Love Book