Most people already know everything they need to know to succeed.  They just don’t apply what they know, for whatever reason.

So, why hire a coach?

Nearly every successful person, whether in business, sports, or any industry has a coach or mentor.  Why? Are they not smart enough? talented enough? driven enough to succeed on their own?  It’s really not about that.  Successful people understand that if they want to reach the next level they need to expand their awareness, sharpen their focus, and remove any barriers holding them back.  A coach or mentor helps them do that.

Every person that is at the top of their game has had guidance, and it usually comes in the form of a coach or mentor.  In fact, nearly all success books recommend for you to get a mentor.  The value of a coach or mentor is immeasurable.

A coach and mentor will:
·    Help you visualize your desired end result
·    Support and walk with you through your fears
·    Keep you laser focused
·    Confront your sub-conscious roadblocks
·    Pick you up when you fall down
·    Hold you accountable to do your best
·    Help you live by your values and remain principle oriented
·    Ignite and fan the flames of the genius with-in you
·    Encourages you to celebrate your success!

It’s just plain easier to remain laser focused and hit your goals and targets when you have a world-class professional coach supporting, challenging, and sometimes running with you in the direction of your desired end result.  John has developed a personal mentorship program centered on the formula for success described in the Joy & Love book.

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