Joy & Love is the new personal development and world development classic.  The idea is to maximize joy in your life, and love in the world.  It masterly breaks down how to achieve both those goals, using one formula.

The formula: Love Energy.  Living with Love Energy is as essential as breathing.  When you breathe be sure to inhale faith, confidence and gratitude.  Exhale empowerment, compassion and a guiding hand to others.  When this flow is in circulation three things happen: It will make another feel better about them self, they will feel better about you, and you will feel better about yourself. That’s triple the joy.  Be ready to glow as answers, clues and rewards reveal how to achieve your desired end result.  Sway to this rhythm and you will stay in your zone longer allowing you to live your best life possible while inspiring others on a world scale.

The first page opens with a short story on why John gave his umbrella away in walloping rain to a woman he was not attracted to in a romantic way.  Along the journey you will grace over the private message for a lady that begins “Behind every beautiful and extraordinary woman lay a story of pain, struggle and triumph.  You are beautiful and I will tell you why.”  Test your wits in the world geography quiz — Quick what’s the capital of Fiji?  And take your time and embrace the 12 Key Values, including #3 that reminds us “Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible, and receives the impossible.”  Later these keys will unlock the 12 Lock Principles: #9 will challenge you to “Use your talents to spark the brain of the person that will change the world.”  Connect the dots, and believe in the miracle that is about to happen to you.

It’s a sky rocket movement; you will gain momentum towards a better spiritual connection, improve health, expand knowledge, strengthen character, achieve wild wealth, live a passionate relationship lifestyle, and find freedom amid peace with-in.  However the intelligence of life only begins there.  You will transcend personal joy and impact how the international community will arrive at Ubuntu (A South African ethic to belong to a greater whole) to increase compassion for humanity and the environment, and ultimately earn us all the thought provoking mystery – Heaven on earth for the entire human race!

The Joy & Love philosophy has been validated by the greatest thinkers in the world: Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Barack Obama, Princess Diana, John Lennon, Tupac Shakur, et cetera;  And remains consistent in the Love vs. Power chapter, the evil vantage point where you will find out why tyrants and murderers like Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler will always fall.

The ebook Joy & Love is now available on Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle and Kobo; as well as directly on this site.

Oh, and the answer is Suva.

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