Dear Friend,

You may have met me personally, maybe we’re social media friends and you wound up at my site, or maybe we haven’t had the chance to meet as yet.  Whatever the case, I’m glad you’re here.  What made me decide to become an Author, Speaker, Life Coach and Columnist is because I’m naturally an Activist passionate about positive change, and I’m aware that I have a gift that empowers others to believe in themselves so they too can action their desired end result.  I enjoy tapping into this gift very much.  Long before I was an Author, or even a Life Coach, I was a Training Instructor at a bank.  But I knew I had to move on from that role because I was subconsciously breaking the rules – When it was time for my students to write their final exam, I found myself giving away answers during test time.

I found a better way to show you how answers relevant to your life will reveal themselves to you, regardless of what you’re striving towards.   And I know the philosophy will work for you, because it has whole heartedly worked in my life and others I share success results with.  My mission is that I want you to live your best life possible, while helping others.  To make this happen, I put together a formula for success that you can apply to every element in your life to achieve extraordinary results.

I put the formula into a book titled: Joy & Love, and I’d like to share it with you.  Come on, become a part of the Joy & Love generation; join the conversation!  Please feel free to contact me and let me know how ever I can help.


John Robinson Jr.
Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Columnist, Activist